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ICONS: Truth, Justice, and Gaming

IMPORTANT: Miraheze, our host, requires activity to keep a wiki on their site. So if you have anything to share, please add a page. Or even just comment.

Welcome to ICONS: Truth, Justice and Gaming; a fan-made and managed wiki dedicated to the Role-Playing Game ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying, originally published by Adamant Entertainment; now by Ad Infinitum Adventures.

Files and pages from the old wiki on Wikispaces have been recreated here from a backup, mostly by the account "Old Wikispace", and if posted by that account it's to be assumed no credit is being taken. Much of the Wikispaces code just doesn't work here, so some things look a bit different.

If your work has been reposted but your name and/or screen name aren't already listed, please let me know, or just go ahead and add it yourself.

I have left in links that are broken due to the target going away, both as a historical record of what we had, and in hopes that someone might know of a new url, if any.