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A place to find official rule changes, enhancements and errata. Also, fans can add their own house-rules as well.[edit]


Official Changes, Enchancements & Errata[edit]

  • Consequences for reducing damage in exchange for temporary challenges.
  • Damage Variants for other ways of handling damage and the outcomes of conflicts.
  • Determination Variants on different ways of figuring starting Determination and using Determination in play.
  • Dice Variants, a quicker and even easier way to roll the dice.
  • Example of Play, an extended example of a pair of ICONS heroes against a trio of villains.
  • Lucky Seven resolution variant, eliminating negative numbers by adding a base difficulty of 7 to all tests.
  • Maneuvers, a system for using ability tests to create temporary aspects and free uses of Determination for more dynamic game play.
  • Pyramid Tests approach to handling complex or drawn-out challenges or interactions.
  • Stamina Variants for different ways of handling tracking damage in conflicts.
  • Errata: Assembled Edition

Fan House Rules[edit]